Therapeutic Sauna

The therapeutic sauna is now open and available for reservations. This is a 2-4 person traditional sauna and is available during office hours for individual use. The sauna space includes a private changing area, shower and shared bathroom next door. Sauna therapy is available for current patients only. If you are not a patient but are interested in using the sauna please contact my office before making a reservation.

Benefits of Sauna:

Sauna therapy helps to increase circulation, move lymphatic flow and to detox the body through the skin. It can be effective in lowering blood pressure, for increasing thermogenic activity (calorie burning), and help improve mood and sleep.

Booking Your Sauna Time:

You can book a reservation online. Reservations are one hour slots and cost $20 to be paid at the time of use. By making a reservation you agree to terms of use and abide by the sauna instructions located in the sauna room.

Make Your Reservation Now

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